Summer Adventure Staff Training Available

If you are looking for a valuable way to spend your summer transforming your life and helping others transform theirs, then consider joining New Path Adventures in the Colorado Rockies this summer for training and a chance to become part of our wilderness adventure guide team. Take a look at this short informational slideshow, and if you are interested then leave us a message or email us;


Introduction Video: Our Program Is Growing

Join our crew in making a difference in the life of the at-risk youth. We are looking for partners that believe in this ministry and program, and will help us to launch these new initiatives. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact us at:

Weekend Route Option for RTR3 2016

b---AllenLogoIf you were considering riding with us this year, but cannot make the time commitment, why not consider joining us Saturday or Sunday (or both) March 12 & 13. Bring your road bicycle or mountain bike, either one will do well on the route for those 2 days. If you are interested leave a comment or send an email:


IMG_3062Any sustained physical activity, if it is to be enjoyed and repeated, must be managed. The honest truth – pain and discomfort are closely associated with most wilderness or outdoor activities that go beyond the family picnic or a stroll in the park.

But there is much to be learned from pain and discomfort, and if managed it actually becomes a positive element of the adventure. What do I mean? Pain can be a positive thing in this adventure called life? Since it is inevitable we might as well learn how to deal with it and let it make us stronger, rather than defeating us and discouraging us.

When I am out for a long run, hours on the trail, or along the roadside, pain almost always decides to join me somewhere along the route. Usually this happens when I am becoming fatigued or late into my run.  If I am cycling, this too usually happens after hours or days of riding.  Rather than letting the pain stop me, I begin a process of re-evaluation, and examination – what is causing this pain and how can it be alleviated?

Pain and discomfort have probably saved my life, if the truth is known. For example; dehydration is a very real danger with endurance sports, hiking, running, cycling etc. and if not corrected or averted it can lead to a very rapid spiral downward, physically, which can lead to serious health concerns and even death. Fortunately like most other issues in our bodies, before becoming critical, dehydration and other issues are brought to our attention through pain and discomfort.

I begin analyzing and reviewing my nutrition on-the-go, my form, the mechanics of my activity, my equipment, hydration, etc. Then I begin to make, the sometimes, small adjustments necessary to relieve the pain, thus allowing me to continue to enjoy and complete the challenge before me.

Life is the same way – pain cannot be avoided, but when it comes, it does not have to rob us of joy, purpose and satisfaction. Recognize it, analyze it, identify it and make the necessary adjustments in your life that will relieve the pain and keep you going with joy and passion in your life.

I have found that applying and living God’s truths of His Word, the Holy Bible, that they give me that standard by which to gauge and adjust my life. It doesn’t guarantee pain-free living and a problem free life, but it does have the answer for turning the pain into something positive and profitable in my life.

Next time you are in pain; reevaluate and make the appropriate adjustments and get back to enjoying this great adventure called life! If you need a standard by which to check your status or state of being, consider the time-tested and trusted truths of the Word of God.

Rider’s Information for 2016 RTR3

Click the link below to view the document:

2016 RTR3 Rider Info


Please let us know, by way of an email or the contact form provided here, if you are interested in riding with us this year. Thank-you for your time and interest.

-Allen S. Owens

Director of New Path Adventures, a ministry of Reach Youth Global

End of Year Video Report

Thank you for caring about New Path Adventures and it’s efforts to help young people know Christ and His path for their lives. Our non-profit organization, Reach Youth Global has projects beyond those of NPA. Please enjoy this video and celebrate with us some of the other victories of 2015 and join us as we move into 2016.

Thank you for making a difference and caring for others.

-Allen S. Owens

Director of International Camps & Discipleship

Reach Youth Global

Ride with us in 2016 RTR3

It’s a new route, it’s a loop in the Texas Hill Country. We have adjusted the mileage and length in order to make this exciting, fun-filled adventure, doable for more people.  Join us.

If all that you have right now is a small interest, request our thru-rider information and then take the next step. At the very least, please share this opportunity with your friends and any you know that love to cycle.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Reach. Rescue. Restore.