Colorado Adventure

It is the original classroom – the great outdoors – it demands that you pay attention, learn and adapt, if not then some sort of suffering will most likely result.  NPA’s classroom is found along the Colorado Trail. This 12-day adventure is designed to take the participant far from his or her surroundings, comfort zone, props and crutches, with the intent to introduce them to a new and positive option for their life path – this experience will challenge the youth’s perspective and choices in all areas of life; physical, emotional and spiritual.

We at NPA believe that a true and lasting life change begins on the inside of the person and is displayed through their attitudes and actions, therefore our programs include a focus and challenge on the spiritual life of the youth, by applying principles and insights gleaned from the Bible combined with the physical and emotional challenges encountered in a wilderness adventure.

Taking the youth from where they are and leading them to that place and that moment of choice, that if they want to, they may make a choice to live life differently. A change in direction – from fear, anger, depression, desperation, or rejection – to a life filled with security, love, direction, belonging and joy. It won’t be easy, hiking for 12 days with a 40 lb backpack and climbing to the top of a 14,231 foot mountain, but it can be done. And they won’t do it alone. They will be accompanied by a passionate, experienced staff.  That is life. It is not easy, but it is a great adventure when there is clear direction, a goal, a purpose, the right equipment and the right people to guide you.

If you know of a teen between the ages of 12-17 that is struggling with any potentially dangerous attitudes, actions or vices, this may be a great option for them. Contact us and explore the possibility of setting this life on a positive New Path. We at NPA are here to help the youth, as well as the parent or care-giver to that youth. We have openings available for our summer program… contact us today for more information.


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