Mossy Oak Trail Guide

It’s official! Hunters & lovers of the great outdoors can now rejoice! In partnership with Mossy Oak & NavPress, Eleváre International has published a unique Trail Guide. Packed with helpful tips when exploring nature, first aid instructions, daily devotionals, and much more!

Trail guide

Outdoorsmen around the world will tell you there’s more to the hunt than just the prize. Time away in the beauty of God’s creation is the perfect opportunity to reflect on his Word by the campfire or get real with God in prayer as you’re exploring new trails through the wilderness.

True stories of hunting and survival The Mossy Oak Trail Guide is the perfect complement to your gear. Inside you’ll find:

  • Survival information for a variety of conditions
  • Practical pointers for hunting, tracking, and dressing game
  • Extended passages of Scripture with interactive devotionals from Eugene H. Peterson’s acclaimed The Message.

Not only will this valuable resource prove helpful in a variety of outdoor scenarios but it will also be there to fuel your devotions when you’re ready to encounter God in the backcountry.

Our very own Director/Founder of NPA, Allen Owens,  is the contributing author for the trail guide material in this book.

To purchase your copy of the Trail Guide direct from us follow this link and complete your order at the bottom of the page! BUY MY COPY NOW

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