Weekend Route Option for RTR3 2016

b---AllenLogoIf you were considering riding with us this year, but cannot make the time commitment, why not consider joining us Saturday or Sunday (or both) March 12 & 13. Bring your road bicycle or mountain bike, either one will do well on the route for those 2 days. If you are interested leave a comment or send an email: info@newpathadventures.org

2 thoughts on “Weekend Route Option for RTR3 2016”

    1. This is the first 2 days of 2016’s route. These first 2 days, because of the topography, will make it possible for mountain bikers and road bikes to ride together more easily. This part of the route also forms a loop, making logistics easier for a rider to participate if they are limited by time etc. From this point the thru-riders will continue 3 additional days of riding, but the last 3 days flatten out more which might make cycling with a mountain bike a greater disadvantage.

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