Another Example Of Why NPA Is Here

Serving at-risk youth and their parents/caregivers may not seem like a needed ministry to many churches or individuals, after all we have social programs for these youth, we have the juvenile court systems, guidance counselors, JPO’s, community service projects and education to help these young people.

Well every week, as the Director of New Path Adventures, I attend a local juvenile probation meeting, where the JPO’s charges gather to check in, and where their progress is monitored. This meeting is hosted in a local church, with the understanding that we will share God’s Word with these young people while they are here.  Typically, if this check in and update meeting were to take place in the JPO’s office or at a home visit, it might last 15 min. to 1/2 an hour. But we have the privilege of pouring into these youth for an hour and a half. We are intentionally making friends with them and mentoring them to help them discover God’s plan for their life.

Now these meetings are not overtly religious, there is no preaching and no “Bible-thumping”. It is gently sharing and showing the love of God, truths from the Scriptures, and offering an alternative to the world-view they may have.

Every year the youth offenders must participate in a Service Learning Project. This year 4 JPO’s have come together at our host site to collaborate on this service project, hearing great things about this environment and relationship from the JPO that we work with.

Well they are here. They have begun their project. I have moved from a facilitator to a spectator for the time being. Watching and listening to how these state trained professionals are dealing with our troubled youth causes me great concern and worry for these youth.

The session began with a scenario of being on a desert island for 1 year and only allowed to bring 1 piece of music, 1 book, and 1 luxury item. The youth had to share their choices and the why behind the choice. Okay, I have used scenarios similar to that in working with these youth, but what caught me by surprise, and what caused my mouth to drop open was this statement from the facilitator/trainer – “What 1 book would you choose to have with you, and it cannot be the Bible.”

Enough said – that is why New Path Adventures must be here and do what we do with this unique people group.  We may not be reaching the masses, but even 1 life reached, rescued, restored – changed more than validates this ministry and program. What if that one life was your son or daughter? Would it be worth it?

Please keep supporting this ministry, not for us, for them. I am not sure there are too many other viable options for some of these youth. I certainly do not see it happening through our present juvenile judicial system, our public education system, and general worldview and attitude towards the truth of God’s Word.

Please click the donate button today and help us shine the light of God’s love in the life of an at-risk youth. There is a legitimate need for this ministry.



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Text Message For Help

As I am working at my desk on ministry logistics for our upcoming RTR3, my phone buzzes, announcing a new text message. I quickly look at it, because of who the sender was – it was one of my daughters. She had a simple request, she was at school working on a marketing assignment and had asked for my help on a small piece.

I wanted to respond quickly to let her know that I am always there for her and willing to help in any way possible. I shot her a couple of ideas and then went back to my work. As I returned to my tasks, I realized I was sitting at my desk with a huge smile on my face and a very happy heart. What was it about that short text exchange that could put me in this state of mind and bring me such peace and joy?

I realized just how wonderful it was to have adult children that still needed me and valued my input in their lives. Then I thought about my Heavenly Father – how it must thrill Him to hear from me and to be able to help me. Why don’t I run to Him more? Why do I think what I am going through might be too trivial for Him or perhaps too much to ask?

No, I find much peace in this moment in the fact that as a perfect Father, He is excited when I reach out to Him and I did. And I want to continue.

Simple thought, but what a great encouragement this brief moment turned out to be for me.



2015 Ride To REACH.RESCUE.RESTORE. (RTR3) Promotional Video

New Path Adventures’ 2015 plans for its annual ride across Texas are quickly falling into place. We have made some logistical changes for this year’s ride which should allow for more riders to participate and experience this incredible adventure, an adventure that will not only change the rider’s life, but the life of an at-risk youth as well.


Let me share a few stats from our ride across Texas 2014 in comparison to 2013’s ride, and then a life-lesson application that I trust will encourage your heart and life with whatever you may be struggling or battling with right now.

2013                                                                                                                            2014

865                                          Total Mileage                                                            865

10                                            Days of Riding                                                          10

3                                              Through-Riders                                                        3

2                                              Celebration Riders                                                   4

11                                            Flats/Tire Repairs                                                    9

1                                              Wrecks                                                                          2

0                                              Broken Spokes                                                          1

6000                                        Avg. Calories / Day                                             6000

12.5                                Avg. moving  speed (mph)                                          17.5

69.2                                         Hours in saddle                                                    49.4

$1500                                      Scholarship $ Raised                                       $8000

Both rides resulted in true growth in each participant’s physical, emotional and spiritual life. That alone, for me, equates success – to see lives drawn closer to God and see His working in each of us as we labor, suffer, laugh and celebrate together for 10 days of adventure and challenge. Those moments and that bond cannot be fully communicated.

I want to draw your attention to the hours in the saddle. Twenty hours less this year sitting on the narrow, brutally hard, tool of torture referred to a seat or saddle.

What made the difference this year? A couple of factors:

1)    Experience

2)    Teamwork / Riding together (less solo riding compared to the 1st year)

3)    Change of perspective in regards to hills and pain.

It is #3 that illustrates a life-lesson for me. In both cases we finished the challenge. The first year though I approached the hills quite different, I do not remember every standing up on the pedals and just “crushing the ascents”. But this year I did. My philosophy changed. I knew that I could get to the top of every hill and I knew that I could finish the task, but why suffer longer than necessary. If I put a little more effort into the up hills I could get off of that seat sooner at the end of the day.

I suffered much less this year by taking this approach than I did last year, by taking the hills slow and easy. I wasn’t afraid to breathe hard this time or to have my legs burning at that top of the hills. I knew there was plenty of down hill and road ahead to recuperate.

I think life is like that also. I am so afraid some times of just facing a challenge or difficult time in my life head on and attacking it. I would rather try to find some way to get through it without hurting. Bottom line is that there will always be pain, no matter how you choose to face your challenges, battles, conflicts and problems.

The difference is this, my life-lesson application, when I do not shy away from the challenge, but rather attack it, the pain I endure is for a much reduced period of time and results in me becoming stronger rather than weakening me and causing further discomfit and discouragement.

Over-extending my time on the hill challenges just depleted me of energy, caused me undue exposure to the heat, wind, friction etc. Rather than strengthening me, the hills that were casually addressed weakened and disheartened me. The hills attacked, when I stood up in the pedals and felt my heart pounding, those moments were exhilarating and I felt myself getting stronger every day, and with every hill.

I want to face my life’s problems and challenges with that same resolve – I will stand up in the pedals. Don’t be naïve, this takes practice and is not as easy as it sounds. But you will get better at it with each hill, each challenge and up hill in life, just as you will on the road, cycling.

Here is a biblical principle associated with my thoughts, notice the payoffs for suffering:

1 Peter 5:10

But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

Attack the hills in your life – learn to let them bring out the life, passion and heart of who God has created you to be.  Great rewards are ahead – maturity, stability, strength, peace.

Live the adventure, travel a new path – a new life in Jesus Christ, it is worth it all!




Depending on where you live, the winter season may have been a long one for you this year. Perhaps you are still in its wonderful, magical grip. Soon the weather will be calling each of us to venture out again and respond to that adventuresome spirit that has been tamed during the dark months.

Preparing for NPA’s bicycle ride across Texas has been a challenge for me this year, between work and family responsibilities, travel and weather conditions I have not spent a lot of time on my bike. Therefore I put a spinning cycle in the garage – some would call me a zombie and criticize me for not actually riding a real bike in the outdoors. Honestly sometimes I feel like a zombie watching the cycling video as I crank out 60 – 90 minutes on a bicycle that goes no where. But I look at it this way – when the day comes to get on my bike and actually ride, I will be better prepared than if I had done nothing.

In life there will always be critics of what you and I do, but you can’t let them stop you from being prepared for doors of opportunity. Live your life in anticipation of being a part of great adventures. But to do that you must maintain a state of readiness. Take care of you health. Develop good habits. Hang out with people who will encourage you to take care of your life rather than abuse it, neglect it or destroy it. That way when you are invited to be a part of something incredible, you will be ready.

Do the right thing this week – and be ready for life’s next great adventure. Contact us if you are looking for something to do with your life this year.

-Director of NPA

New Programs tailored for Home School Students

NPA is excited to offer 3 new programs that are easily customizable for home school students/groups.

Minimum size – 4 participants / Maximum size – 12 participants. Ages 12 – 18 and still in High School.

These are 8-day experiences, with dates available through much of the school year. Pricing is family-budget friendly.

If you want more information contact us at:

Enrichment. Education. Class Trips
Enrichment. Education. Class Trips.

Reach. Rescue. Restore.